First, you design something amazing!

Then have it manufactured.

And ship it to us.

We'll take care of the rest!

Store Management

Allow Pencil Cat to take care of all the hard parts of running an online store. If you'd rather do some of these things yourself, we can work out what is expected from each of us. Pencil Cat will:

  • Set up a store or get access to your previously made store

  • Take photos and list new products

  • Handle customer inquiries

  • Set shipping costs

  • Store merchandise and track inventory

  • Complete order fulfillment, outlined below.

Order Fulfillment

We also offer our services to creators that don't want to hand over their store to us, but need help with bulk fulfillment for Kickstarters or large pre-orders. We'll work together to send out all your orders in a timely manner.

  • You'll send us the merchandise that needs to be mailed, plus all order and shipping information.

  • We'll package all the orders and ship them to your customers.

  • After every order is shipped, we can either ship the remaining merchandise to you, or continue fulfilling orders for you through our Store Management services.