What do you do?

We manage online stores; meaning we take care of the online shop, answer customer questions, store merchandise, print posters, then ship out packages when orders are made.

Who do you work with?

We focus on working with artists/designers/illustrators in Ontario and the rest of Canada. But we're open to talk about your store or project no matter where you're from or what you make!

What do I, a creator, need to do to work with Pencil Cat?

Make some great art, advertise the item however you want, take preorders if you'd like, pay a manufacturer to make the item in bulk, then have them ship it to our location in London, Ontario. We'll take care of the rest from there.

How much do you charge for your service?

Profit from all orders are split 20/80, with 20% going to Pencil Cat and 80% going to the artist who made the item. We also determine shipping costs for each store and require the entire shipping fee.

How eco-friendly is Pencil Cat?

Pencil Cat is committed to being as good to our environment as possible. We use only recyclable paper, compostable or previously recycled products, we don't like to use single use plastics. And we only want to work with creators that feel the same way.

However, we recognize that, unfortunately, some of the merchandise we work with will not be as eco-friendly as we'd like. Enamel pins have a higher carbon footprint than wood pins, merchandise like shirts and plush toys may need to be kept in plastic to protect from dirt, some of these things are unavoidable, but we will always make green choices where possible.

How do I contact Pencil Cat?

Please email us at PencilCatDistro@gmail.com